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13 Jul 2016 21:47 | Quote
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Ask me anything.
19 Jul 2016 14:54 | Quote
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This might come a little strange way, but try to figure out what Im trying to ask :D

so, reading circle of fifths. I read it that way, that if key Is say Am, there is also C major that kicks in because its basically the same? (contains same notes?) When I look sides of A minor and C major I see F major, G major, D minor and E minor.

All right, I figure out that I can use those scales as well and they will fit with the centre (in this case A minor and C major) because all chords belong to C major and A minor key chords, am I right?

Now the question that Im in to, I see fretboard as 3 expanded boxes of figures of notes each key when playin lead. And minor key songs this thing works when I jam, but when i try it with major key songs, it just dont sound right like they dont fit, Is my theory on rail at all or am I doing just some errors with them major key songs.

little edit: When song is in key of C major, I can play well C major scale, A minor scale and E minor Scale, but say D minor is just not sound right, I wondering why.

-Cheers! and dun worry, im never been good explaining myself :D
25 Aug 2016 17:43 | Quote
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What do you want to want or what do you actually need to know to do?

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