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Songwriting for Films

20 Aug 2013 11:49 | Quote
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Where do one start with this? I write a lot of instrumental pieces, play cello, own a GR-55 synth pedal that can create almost any orchestral sound on the fly. Just would like to know if theres a site where film directors look for new artist for music in their movies? thanks
20 Aug 2013 15:31 | Quote
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Film Scoring can be a difficult industry to get into. Like almost any industry it requires a good bit of networking and usually a degree in film scoring. The best way to get connections into that kind of stuff is to go to a university with a strong music program; (I've been looking into this career myself) now I'm not saying a degree in film scoring is necessary, it just helps with the networking. If you have any way of getting in touch with independent film makers you could go that route.

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