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Question- Memorizing scales.

13 Feb 2013 14:47 | Quote
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What is the best way to commit a scale to memory?
Repetitive playing of said scale throughout the entire neck of the guitar? Or portion by portion? Or, will learning various parts of music theory aid in that area as well?
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learning music theory would definitely not hurt. especially the stuff about intervals and chord theory. mostly though the best way to memorize anything is to just pound it into your brain by practicing it repeatedly, but thats not to say that you have to play the scale the same way every time. in fact it is better to practice it in different ways. its better for moving around the fret board.

hope this helped.
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Great tip, thanks.
21 Feb 2013 20:33 | Quote
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I suggest you to check out this lesson http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/lesson.php?id=159

I made it for my own learning, so its not best CAGED system lesson out there, but might give you a idea and helps a lot to understanding how the structure works. Do not look those shapes as some pictures or something like that... think of them... study those shapes, think of them... look how they change using scales tool this site when changing a major and minor...and further, think of roots, think of shapes...

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You can think of scales as shapes. I think.
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You can play the scales over and over again to memorize them but what really helped me was to find a scale that sounds killer. To me, that was the minor scale. I learned the shape and pattern of the notes and the rest was history. Find a scale that grabs your attention and play it over and over again. Thats the only way we ever really memorize anything.

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