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19 Apr 2012 13:49 | Quote
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Ok, so i was reading about modes in the jazz theory by mark levine and something confused me. There was something about a conversation between two musicians like this:
M1: what is the chord in bar 2?
M2: it's F lydian
I don't get this because I though F lydian is a scale.
I get how you structure chords and how they're related to scales and how different modes work over particular chords so does this mean that the chord in bar two is could be an F major chord or an Fmaj7 chord, or something like this?
20 Apr 2012 16:33 | Quote
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well without the page, I'm amusing he is trying to get you to relate a chord with a scale.

Chords and scales are really the same thing just exist in two different dimensions of time-chords instantaneous and scales over a period. Sometimes thought of as vertical or horizontal (sheet music).

effectively, when thinking about chords you should be thinking about scales and when thinking about scales you should be thinking about chords. The key is knowing the rules that govern them as they relate, and how their different. That goes about by studying the modes and studying their progressions.

so for F lydian the chord is F major 13#11. but you don't have to play all the notes,as you should know, what theory is about is what of those notes should you play,can play, want to play, but are still in F lydian.

so yes to both f major and F major 7, and all of the notes in the scale combined would work and all of them can't. You need to use theory to find out how to stay in F lydain. Lydian is particularly funny as it is stable and unstable all at the same time which renders it well for dream like passages.

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