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Twelve-note technique usage?

Music Theory
23 Dec 2011 14:25 | Quote
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Hi, I recently listened The Bill Evans album (yeah, thats the name of it :))... and I tried to study as much as I can, as result I found a twelve-tone technique, I basically got the idea of it, but I have difficulties to understand how to exploit it with chromatic scale in lead guitar. Any tips, thoughts might be trick to have heureka :D... thanks in advance. I wonder to use it with funk or jazz kind of stuff basically...

23 Dec 2011 19:01 | Quote
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are you talking about just using chromatic techniques in your music. I remember there was a metallica solo from garage days that used that technique.

If you are, then it's used almost every where. I use it a lot in blues even some turn around and such. I try not to use chromatic too much but they add a nice something something when used right
26 Dec 2011 13:51 | Quote
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start on a chord tone and then end on a chord tone.
27 Dec 2011 17:33 | Quote
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@coleman +1 Thats it in a nutshell.
29 Dec 2011 03:02 | Quote
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29 Dec 2011 18:59 | Quote
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@AlexB Great video. Interesting concept. Muchos gracias!!
30 Dec 2011 11:01 | Quote
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Thanks for the replies, cleared a lot. Cheers!

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