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help w/understanding scales 2 chords table!

Music Theory
22 Dec 2011 13:22 | Quote
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What do the chord names mean in the table?
It appears to me (tho' i could be wrong) it's just showing the notes in the particular chords scale...?

I'm hoping to find a list of notes in every chord.
Help is appreciated!
22 Dec 2011 16:58 | Quote
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The scales to chords is what got me to sign up on the site. Fantastic tool.

The scale to chord tool will tell you every chord that will fit into any given scale.

If you choose a scale, and key, you can then click on the chord, and the tool will show all the notes with in that chord in blue. It's pretty cool for wanting to find chords, progressions and arpeggio.

For example if you choose major -> C -> Cmaj7 you will see all the C-G-B-E re highlighted in blue.

I hope that helps :)

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