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20 Dec 2011 22:54 | Quote
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I want to make my own pedal board , and I wanna keep it simple. Can you give me any ideas of effects i can use.My idea was to have an overdrive pedal, a compressor, a noise supressor and a wah-wah pedal.
And so far I found those :

Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal GCB95 + DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive + BOSS CS-3 Compression Sustainer +
BOSS NS-2 Noise Supressor .

What do you think?
P.S. I'm open minded here guys =)
21 Dec 2011 11:40 | Quote
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Bad Monkey is one of my favorite OD pedals(The Boss SD1 SUCKS-which is what I'm stuck with for now).

I would avoid buying more than a few pedals right now(especially the compressor). Since you may end up wanting to get rid of one or two of them later because you just don't use it/like the sound(like the compressor). The reason I point out the compressor as being the 'bad' buy is because you really have to know what you want to use it for if you are going to be buying it. Wah is flexible, as is the OD pedal, and the NS-2 is a must have if you are going to be using an OD boost into a dirty amp or single coil pups(cuts out the hiss and feedback), however, the compressor would already have it's job performed by the bad monkey(if on) and the amp(both have natural compression). Using an actual compressor on that would probably not sound great. You could try using the compressor on a clean channel and see if you like the tone or not(I don't-sounds like rubber bands to me) but I would avoid distortion and a compressor into it-I've tried it, and really didn't like what it did.
Even though it helps level out volume fluctuations, it's sort of like a crutch. Your goal should be to play something as perfect as possible without help of a pedal cleaning it up for you(or distortion covering it up). Compressors could be useful if you struggle with tapping, but honestly, isn't it better to just practice your tapping to get it to sound good? Also, when I used the compressor-some notes would be ear bleeding loud, while others would be 'hush hush'. I did not enjoy it-totally throws dynamics out the window.

Good luck in your hunt for the right crew man, and also, bring your guitar with your if you are going to try out any pedals, since I've had it happen before-the guitar/pedal/amp combo in store sounds better than the one at home, and by using your guitar(and similar amp) you can eliminate some of the variables in the tone that would make it different.

Hope this helps a little,

21 Dec 2011 17:18 | Quote
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My Pedalboard has a Dunlap Crybaby (most used), Boss ML-2 Distortion (Great for an all out metal sound, but I use it for an epic distorted solo in an otherwise clean song), Digitech Whammy (nice to have, really doesn't get much use anymore except for using the 4th/5th up harmonizer and 1octaveI whammy), Deltalab Digital Delay 1 (2nd most used. Great performance for a cheap delay) and Some sort of Flanger (fun to mess with, I use it for emphasis on certain clean spots I want to stick out more). Oddly enough, I don't use any Noise Suppression, yet I get almost no hiss or buzz unless I use my guitar with the broken grounding wire.

I would suggest you play with a Delay and a Flanged or Phaser, and see if you like it. They can provide some cool effects, and add some more color to your tone without killing it.Text for registered users only
21 Dec 2011 17:25 | Quote
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Sorry for the double posting...
Please ignore all the typos. My phone keeps freezing up and changing where it wants the text to go. I hate technology!
22 Dec 2011 00:55 | Quote
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I would probably help to know what kind of music your into to really give any remondation. I'll share my current rigs, but most of the time I just play direct into the amp. Both my amps have way more gain then I could ever use.

I've got two set up i'm play with and I'm in the process of selling off the pedals and programming a older multi-unit

Keep in mind I don't do Metal.

My current rig looks like this and I put it together just for my gretsch guitar and works well for that Brian Setzer/Revernd Horton Heat kind of rockabilly sound an a limited budget.

Gretsch -> Wah (only to set tone) -> Blues Overdrive -> tremolo -> delay -> Randall RG75II (clean and od1 never use the 2nd od channel)

I purchased a Gibson SG and and putting together a slightly different rig for it. Eventually I'll get a ab/y box and run both amps at once.

SG -> digitech GNX3 -> blackstar head -> 12" bass amp i'm just using as a Cab

I've got a compressor i use sometimes on the gretsch setup and on the line out from the amps into the computer when recording. But I've not been recording much lately. The compresser is one of those effects that is really cool but a little dab will do ya'. If you add too much it get's a little cheesy.

I hope that gives you some ideas.

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