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Congratulate me!

Instruments and Gear
28 Nov 2011 19:18 | Quote
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I just got a new tiny terror head and cab. Woot Woot!

My new setup

Fender Vintage single coil strat --> Boss DD=6 Delay (mostly used for looping) --> Ibanez AD-9 delay --> way huge aquapuss delay --> moog lopass filter --> Moog Phaser --> Orange tiny terror.

It sounds so good I cant begin to tell you. I cant wait till tomorrow to crank this thing up and see how it sounds!
28 Nov 2011 21:09 | Quote
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29 Nov 2011 16:17 | Quote
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Congrats on the Tiny Terror, I hear they are pretty nice
1 Dec 2011 13:01 | Quote
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Congrats man!!!! orange is becoming pretty big....I kinda think there a little over priced...but they do sound great!!!
2 Dec 2011 01:05 | Quote
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Why so many delays? The moog LP is great,but how do you use it on a guitar?
6 Dec 2011 16:43 | Quote
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Hey Alex. Lots you can do with a few delays. Just bought another one actually. Often I use them to get this kind of soaring sound.. I will have to upload something. The lopass I use for a few reasons. 1. Instead of an overdrive pedal I crank the input on that and it sounds amazing. plus. With the delays sometimes I get some screaching self oscillation and I use the lo pass to curb that.


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