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Learning "Perfect pitch"

15 Nov 2011 14:08 | Quote
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South Africa
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I saw this ad being displayed on this website and i took a peak.


Do you guys think it's possible?
15 Nov 2011 17:48 | Quote
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United States
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I had found his program on line once I listed for the first few lessons. Then my lacking of focus kicked in and I kind of forgot about it. Someone get me some Ritalin.

The man has sold a lot of those programs. People do praise him and the system.

If I remember correctly he compares musical notes to colors as a learning method.
15 Nov 2011 19:21 | Quote
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this come to attention once in a while :)... It's not possible. You may train it near, but not perfect. Jazzy know much of this stuff...


ps, thou I know the case, where abbey road main mixer have noted about like this "in the end of part 37, cello is out of tune". that was full orchestra. and he meant just about couple notes.

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