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lyrics... anybody?

23 Oct 2011 18:59 | Quote
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Does anyone have a strategy on writing good lyrics?
23 Oct 2011 19:12 | Quote
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Think about what you write, write about what you think.
4 Dec 2011 13:17 | Quote
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Here's what I do. It's like putting together a puzzle.

1. What's the overall message of the song? Make that the last line of chorus.

2. Be creative in coming up with the rest of the chorus to lead up to that line.

3. Think of words or phrases that you would like to include into the verses. Jot them down.

4. Jot down any rhymes or near rhymes for those words or phrases.

5. Use your favorites as lines 4 or 8 of verse. It just makes more of an impact to the listener that way.

6. Be creative in filling in the rest of the verses. Line 1 of song should grab attention.

Hope that helps

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