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Our Zanzibar Tour

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30 Aug 2011 11:24 | Quote
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South Africa
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Been awhile since i posted anything on the forums, we have been on tour for longer than a month on zanzibar already, dont always have access to internet. Been a real experience touring this island, ill just keep it short. Our tickets was orginized by one of the hotels on the island, really thankfull to them. We have been playing all over the island, its the last day of ramadan which is the month where all muslims fast, and now its the last day which means there is going to be big festivals all over the island. There is more than 300 hotels on this small island which is only about 80km long and 40 km wide. Its still africa, and its not easy, we have had tons of blackouts, my amps blew up on stage(luckily we lending one hotels sound now) been electricuted 5 times, stuff had been stolen. but still loving it. This place is truly the best example of paradise, blue blue oceans, palm trees, white sandy beaches... a week ago i got really sick, and it took about 2 hours drive to the nearest hospital... the villages are quite crazy, you think you going to be on a head on collision every 5 mins. anyways.. we really busy with gigs atleast, we stil got 1 month left of our tour. hope we make it out in one piece ^_^ will keep u guys posted. cheers
30 Aug 2011 12:26 | Quote
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United States
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SOUNds like quite an expierience. Have fun.
1 Sep 2011 12:48 | Quote
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Reminds me of when i was chased by two guys down the streets of olongapoo in the phillipeenes for not buying a teeshirt.

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