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Repairing old guitars.

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17 Aug 2011 12:50 | Quote
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My lil brother was given an old acoustic Dulcet Classic rose-martin, or something like that. It needs some work but I don't have the time to go to a music shop, or the money. If you can help me id like to know;
1. Can you get scratches out of the guitar, if so how?
2. What strings to get.
3. Is the nut supposed to be a few centimeters to the left, if not how to put it back correctly.
17 Aug 2011 15:16 | Quote
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1. Who cares about scratches? IMHO (See Willie Nelson's guitar)
2. Nothing too heavy, so it doesn't warp. Get some 10's to start just in case, for lower tension. I like D'Addario Phosphor Bronze Extra Light.
3. If the strings run along the edge of the neck in a straight line you are cool. If not tap on the side of the nut with something solid but light like a drumstick or something until the strings line up. If it is slid to the side that means there is no glue holding it in place. You can use a little amount of white glue under it to get it to stick, but this is not necesary.
17 Aug 2011 15:29 | Quote
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