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Here is my latest Acoustic Metal Guitar Music Video!

General Chat
13 Jul 2011 13:54 | Quote
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South Africa
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Hope you guys enjoy!
Thanks :)
13 Jul 2011 17:00 | Quote
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That's cool bro. Good job. Do I detect a hint of Maiden in the inspiration?
13 Jul 2011 17:43 | Quote
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Sounds like 95% of Iron Maiden Discog,only in acoustic.

Its an interesing idea,but you should record your guitar miced when going clean,direct recording on an acoustic is like tofu,its the same but not the same...eeeeeeeeeeehhh

and it should have ended in 3:00
13 Jul 2011 23:11 | Quote
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I can dig this, cool song and even more cool video, great job

14 Jul 2011 02:22 | Quote
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South Africa
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Thanks guys, Yes if you go in youtube and look at the discription it would say its a Iron maiden Medley between 3 songs :)

@AlexB Alot of artist record their acoustics via pickup, I use it becuz of distortion and wah effects. When I do a album recording I would blend the mic with the pickup.
Oh and its actually suppose to be more of a medley song so ending at 3:00 would just cut out he other part..
14 Jul 2011 02:49 | Quote
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This is really awesome man. I am not a huge Maiden fan, but really liked this, sounded pretty epic. The audio/video was a little off, but not by much. Great job!

Rock on!
14 Jul 2011 20:31 | Quote
Joined: 28 Aug 2008
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I like it dude! You've improved a lot since you first joined this forum - glad to see you doing so well!

1:37 reminds me of Iron Maiden and Yngwie Malmsteen as they both mess around with that melodic phrase. Good idea to use it :)

I like your effects here.

I think the drums need more mastering - the snare in particular is a bit too loud.

Your solos are good and they have a nice touch - good character set.

Keep at it dude. :)
15 Jul 2011 00:59 | Quote
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South Africa
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thanks alot guys ! :)
Yea the drum is pretty repetitive, i didn't do much with the drums,
Next video I will add my band mate to the scene :D

Oh and the song is composed out of 3 Maiden songs, Mother russia, Losfer's Words, Dance of the Dead.
15 Jul 2011 10:01 | Quote
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cool man!
20 Jul 2011 17:01 | Quote
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South Africa
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thx :) we should make a sticky thread to promote each others youtube channels, hmmmm ill brain storm some ideas :)
20 Jul 2011 17:28 | Quote
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When Dance of the Dead kicked in, I couldn't help but smile. I freaking love that songs. Hell, Iron Maiden is one of my favourite bands so no doubt, I like this.

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