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a little bit of help please...

7 Jun 2011 13:41 | Quote
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I'm trying to teach myself guitar. I've been learning a lot of scales, a few techniques and music theory, I find that quite interesting but I'm starting to get very bored of chords. I know they're important so I was wondering if anyone could tell me a more fun way to practise them.
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Learn some songs. Then you'll focus on the song and not the 'boringness" of forming chords.
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Play arpgeggios,whats an arpeggio u ask,notes of a chord played separetaly (*
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You want to learn songs to to tabspedi...

I'm joking don't just follow the advice above and maybe work through the beginner lessons on this site.

Also write songs to practise certain techniques or skills like fast chord changes. Back in older times they woulda called them études (french word for study)
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I have to agree with DanielM on the songwriting. Whenever I was getting bored of just looking through chords I'd think of songs I'd like to make. Once I felt the mood of the lyrics I then was more keen to play around with the guitar to see what sounded good with it - in fact even now I still do that and often write down what I do or sit on this site, go on the chord finder to see if it's an actual chord I've made and write down on some paper what those chords are with a mini-diagram. I find that enjoyable, you might too. Worth a try.
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What, there is no way more fun way than Jamming, jam along with different backingtracks, there are hundreds in youtube maan...say you practised D minor scale, then search youtube D minor backing track forexample...

check them out.
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In case you want a different outlook on the same ideas that you're currently learning, here's a roadmap

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one way i learned chords --- the diatonic.

this might be over your head as you read it, but if you look into it it may make sense.

start with the major scale. start with G major, for simplicity. G A B C D E F# G. when you play these chords, it turns into G, Am, Bm, C, D, Em F#dim, G, where "m" is minor and "dim" is diminished.

now you can practice your chords in the same way you practice your scales... up and down the scale.

you may need to look up the diminished fingerings.

i did this with triads which was very helpful because there are so many of them. you can just pick a key and go up and down the scale
9 Jun 2011 13:24 | Quote
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Thanks, I'll have a go at some of these.
They seemed so obvious once I'd read them, I can't beleive I didn't think of trying them.

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