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Help! I'm in trouble.

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1 Mar 2011 21:32 | Quote
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I never plug my guitar in unless im finding a sound i want to record with or i'm ready to record. So today i think i'm ready to start recording. When im not touching the strings it hums. Kind of loudly. That makes me afraid to record like this. But when i am touching the strings its quit.

Heres the million dollar question.

Will a new guitar have the same problem?

Im thinking schecter. But what model should i get?

Thank you.
1 Mar 2011 21:36 | Quote
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Wich guitar are you using?

Im having the same problem everytime,thats why there are noise gates and ground lifters and stuff like that
1 Mar 2011 22:47 | Quote
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Its a fender copy made in korea. Thats all I know. Except that it was bought used in 1991. So i have no idea how old it is. And the same goes with my bass. I tried my sythesiser and no problem there. So im guess its a ground problem.

"What is this ground lifter you mention?"

I looked it up and it says things like when you connect to two or more things at once in which im not doing and it also says about live performances in which im not doing either.
1 Mar 2011 22:54 | Quote
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If you do end up getting a new guitar I would recommend Schecter

Actually now that I think about it I think my Jackson did this, I opened up the back and by the input jack there was a wire detached from whatever it was supposed to be attached to. And I just had to solder it back and it was fine
1 Mar 2011 23:17 | Quote
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What model of Schecter would you recommend?

I want a new guitar either way. But id really like to see about fixing this problem. It is also happening with my bass. I plugged in my synthiseser and no hum of course. I emailed guitar showcase with the details to see what they recommend. I'll post their response when and if they do.
2 Mar 2011 01:06 | Quote
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schecter c-1. theres a regular or a deluxe model.
2 Mar 2011 01:24 | Quote
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Schecter Hellraiser Diamond Series FR,i own one,KILLER guitar for the price,it has everything and more.

That sounds like a ground problem man,hum with your single coils,faulty cables,high gain,amplification etc etc,everything affects,i can only reccomend to you,get bettter cables,get a noise supressor,ger a better electricity connection on our house (hard) etc etc.
2 Mar 2011 12:25 | Quote
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try using two coils in parallel, or try turning down the volume on your guitar. that will remedy the problem. as for the cause and fixing the issue overall i can't really help because my MIM strat has the same issue. it might be in my head but i don't think it buzzed this bad until i took it apart and reassembled it one afternoon.

even when plugged into a tuner at 10 volume it registers a constant Bb. i usually just turn the volume on the guitar down to 7-8 max for tuning (much lower for when i'm playing through an amp).

if you are recording, try turning the guitar down and increasing the input volume.

or of course you could use two coils in parallel instead of using a single coil (hum bucking)
2 Mar 2011 15:48 | Quote
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It sounds like a grounding problem. It happens when some of the soder points come lose or when your guitar cable goes out.

Have a guitar smith look at it
2 Mar 2011 16:25 | Quote
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Move away from electronic devices (iPods, cell phones, TVs, Amp Heads, power supplys, etc.)
The pickups will pick up signal from these, and touching them causes an "anti-ground" (more hum when you touch the guitar instead of less)

if touching the strings makes it stop, I would suggest a guitar with two volume pots. AKA a Killswitch. (you could also get a cheap stompbox and not put power to it. It would kill sound when activated, and let it through when bypassed)
This allows you to quickly and discreetly Cut out all sound from guitar without messing with a volume pot.
If it does stop humming when you touch the strings, unfortunately all guitars will do it.
A synth/keyboard doesn't have a pickup or use you as a ground, so they don't hum/buzz

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