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Bob Dylan

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21 Feb 2011 11:18 | Quote
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Once in a while, its good to turn back and leave all the friggin experimental stuff aside. I thought to practise a little acoustic stuff and I thought I could also practise analyzing songs so I thought what artist could be good to that purpose... Well... Dylan came to mind right away... and OH BOY! I started listening two songs, Hurricane and Slow Train and then I dig notations from somewhere the net and I was like... WTF! these are darn simple stuff, but how it is done its pure magic... Ive listened Dylan quite a much in my life, but now I feel that Ive reborn, eyes wide open.

If you guys are practised his songs, could you suggest me couple, simple and more average difficult :D...

21 Feb 2011 11:43 | Quote
Joined: 27 May 2008
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Oh Sister and Mr Tambourineman are fun, but Dont Think Twice, Its Alright is my favourite to play
21 Feb 2011 11:59 | Quote
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Sorry i cant resist posting this
21 Feb 2011 12:06 | Quote
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That is total epicness dude. I watched that for the first time a couple months ago.
21 Feb 2011 12:10 | Quote
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UFO TOFU!!!"""
21 Feb 2011 19:53 | Quote
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Highwaay 61 revisited is one of my favorite albums.

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