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Ardour, Digital audio workstation for linux and OS X users.

20 Jan 2011 13:28 | Quote
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Just sharing to you who are linux or OS X users, ive tested this one with Ubuntu and I must say this program is very good. Its released under GPL (general public lisence) so... In my opinion to today, OS X and Linux didnt had a good digital audio workstation, but this one looks real good, check it out if you are needed one...

20 Jan 2011 18:44 | Quote
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Looks awesome Empirism. I have OS X but the PPC version and they have a version for what I have! Not many developers will let you decide what to pay so that's cool in itself! I will download it and pay for it.

Thanks for sharing!
24 Jan 2011 04:32 | Quote
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@ Emp

Ardour's a great DAW I've been using it for a couple of years now off and on. My only beef is that I can't use my X-fi sound card with it yet as Linux haven't quite got a handle on the new technology (driver).
4 May 2011 02:11 | Quote
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been using Ardour for about two years now. PClinOS (Gnome), Hydrogen for drums. Jack Audio can jack stuff including mp3's together for recording Like it better than Audacity. Keyboard ,guitar,mic> mixer>ardour.
4 May 2011 11:00 | Quote
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I have to recommend Reaper. It's not technically free but you can trial it for as long as you want, without any locked features (so you're using the full version essentially). The license is cheap compared to other DAWs anyway.

It's also a lot more developed and advanced than Ardour (which I have tried, and don't get me wrong - it's wicked for a free application).
6 May 2011 12:35 | Quote
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Yeah, reaper is good I know... so let the war begin!!


LOL... i lost XD
6 May 2011 14:37 | Quote
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Step 1: choose your download
Ardour is available for OS X and Linux. There is no release for Windows.

this mean it wont work for me.
7 May 2011 00:03 | Quote
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Then your choice could be Anvil Studio http://www.anvilstudio.com/
Audacity or Kristal Audio Engine.


You might also check

Cakewalk or cubase if you are into professional stuff.


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