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Bad taste?

Music and Bands
10 Jan 2011 18:36 | Quote
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Def Leppard tribute band Pyromania have placed an advert looking for a one-armed drummer.

According to a picture posted on Stereogum.com, the Texas band are looking to replicate the exact look of the British metallers and have placed an advert that begins with the words: "Seeking one-armed drummer (No prosthetics)!"

(See rest of article here)
10 Jan 2011 18:40 | Quote
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Kinda sick ain't it?
10 Jan 2011 18:51 | Quote
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Yes... bad taste
10 Jan 2011 18:56 | Quote
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I'm gonna start a Jimi Hendrix tribute band but the guitarist has to be dead.
10 Jan 2011 19:49 | Quote
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Im sure there are hundreds of one arm drummers just waiting for a gig like this. My first drummer had no arms. He played with his face. He was very talented.
11 Jan 2011 07:47 | Quote
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I bet there's loads of drummers would give their right arm for this gig!
11 Jan 2011 12:28 | Quote
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macandkanga says:
I'm gonna start a Jimi Hendrix tribute band but the guitarist has to be dead. !

HAHA, I want the job! Wheres my revolver... does the dead guitarist need to be lefty?

13 Jan 2011 11:20 | Quote
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jimi didn't die from a gunshot!

there is a difference between a "cover band" and a "tribute band". a cover band is a band who simply covers the original artist's songs. a "tribute band" is a band who not only plays the music, but also attempts to duplicate the same experience as seeing the original band. the performers look and dress like the original artists, their stage set design is similar, and they try to replicate their live show to make it as exact as possible.

i don't think finding a one-armed drummer who can play def leppard songs to play in a def leppard band is in poor taste. i think it's in better taste than finding a person with two arms who can play one-arm-edly and having him pretend he only has one arm.

either way they're just trying to simulate the actual experience of seeing def leppard live. if you saw a metallica tribute band and the lead singer had short hair and was wearing a suit wouldn't it seem a little odd?

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