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New Song - "Four Horsemen"

14 Dec 2010 17:10 | Quote
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ďFour HorsemenĒ

Verse 1&2:
Oh, I bet you were wondering
How Iím still alive!
You saw the sky,
Rip apart
They clipped my wings
And put me back on my knees!
Back on my knees!
Back on my knees!

Oh, I bet you were wondering
Why youíre still alive!
Another day goes by
Play my part
In all of your dreams
That put you back on your knees!
Back on your knees!
Back on your knees!

If I never really had to,
Silver spoon and a golden cradle
Nicotine and a false consensus
Drove me to my senses

If I never really had to
Tailored suit and snake skin shoes
JD and a fake ID
Drove me, Drove me

Verse 3:
Oh, I bet you were wondering,
Is this all a lie!
Let the falcons fly,
Into the dark,
In hope that these strange things
Put us back on our knees!
Back on our knees!
Back on our knees!

(Repeat Chorus)

In a nightmare long ago,
Four horsemen came to me.
They were bursting at the seam
With nicotine and Jim Beam
Johnnie Walker walked up with his friend Jack
And then Jose offered me a pack
It was right then and there, when I decided
I didnít care, so why try to hide it?
Back on my knees, Iím truly pathetic
Oh, I am pathetic!

(Repeat Chorus X2)
14 Dec 2010 17:33 | Quote
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I really like this.
14 Dec 2010 18:01 | Quote
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Its great imo.
How do you write your songs?
Any technique you prefer?!?
all the songs you've posted all seem great to me.
14 Dec 2010 20:56 | Quote
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I like it! what kind of music are you setting it to?

Johhny Walker is a kind of whiskey or something right? the things you learn from Elliott Smith
14 Dec 2010 22:43 | Quote
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Nullnaught- Thanks!

Mistaluke- Thanks also!when I write, i usually just try to stick with some kind of theme in my lyrics, like for example on this one, I wanted the verses to all have some connection to the sky (dreams= clouds, yeah i know its a stretch but w/e). And lastly the bridge was actually originally a part of another song.

Bodom- Soft, palm muted chords, in an alternate rock style. (Real creative, huh?) oh and Four Horsemen is actually an alcholic drink composed of Johny Walker, Jim Beam, Jose Cuervo, and Jack Daniels!

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