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Help on a Uni Design project.

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7 Dec 2010 20:26 | Quote
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Hey fellas (and lasses), long time no speak hope you're all okay.

I'm coming near to the end of my first semester in Uni on a Sound Studio Tech course, one of my final assignments is to design or design and build something.

I'm thinking of designings (and building if possible) a power amp, nothing fancy but it has to be able to push two 150watt Bass Bins which I've been offered for free.

Any help would be handy, if you can point me in the direction of some schmatics or other such resources would be grand.

8 Dec 2010 13:11 | Quote
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you have no background in electronics and you want to do this? Good luck :)
8 Dec 2010 19:02 | Quote
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im doing Electrical engineering, so unfortunately i cannot help you, however if you can find somebody who is studying electronic they could probably be of assistance
8 Dec 2010 19:38 | Quote
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Actually Jeff I do have some background in electronics and have built several things in the past, also my I'm able to use my lecturer to help on the build stage if neccisary.
What I'm mostly looking for help with is finding credible resources and schmatics for the design process.

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