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Erik Mongrain

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7 Dec 2010 06:06 | Quote
Joined: 26 Jul 2010
hey guys. Anyone familiar with Erik mongrain that plays percussive style in an acoustic guitar?
I just wanna ask if there are websites that teaches percussive in acoustic. Another one is Flamenco. Thanks guys..
7 Dec 2010 18:27 | Quote
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Online teachers aren't a good way to go man... Technology is cool and all, but that will SERIOUSLY limit your time to being taught properly. Instruments are a physical thing... so it's only reasonable to get a teacher who's able to physically show you exactly what's what and stuff.

Erik Mongrain is awesome, Jeff also loves this dude if I remember correctly.

The best thing I can say to you is to go on his official site and get the tab.

If you like Erik Mongrain, you might also like: Andy McKee, Antoine DuFour, Ulli Bogershausen... (I could really go on, but their talent would go unappreciated if I listed too many)
7 Dec 2010 21:43 | Quote
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I've been following erik for a few years now, is a great air guitarist and if you want to get into that his work is where its at. He is a great Finger style on top of that. If you look up some things on youtube you can find a things that he has posted and you can see how he works. He breaks down a few things that make air (percussive) guitar what it is. try Dominic Frasca he is a BADASS! Look at other people works and try to work it out. Its not so important how they do it, but how you do it.
8 Dec 2010 13:10 | Quote
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@Jazz So you are still around. Felt like you disappeared for a while :)

There are very few teachers around nowadays that specialize in this modern form of fingerstyle. The closest you can get to it is classical guitar.

If you check out Peteri Sariola, he has a few simple tutorials on how to play like that.

If you want a better list of musicians like Erik Mongrain, message me, and I'll give you a comprehensive list. :)
8 Dec 2010 15:15 | Quote
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Eric is amazing, i would even give my soul to the devil to be able to play like him.
9 Dec 2010 10:55 | Quote
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I thought about things some more, and I guess I do know something about air guitar that could help get you off the ground. It is best you learn on your own but I have some things that will help. They are based on finger style but the with some small changes.

1 - learn your harmonics! you can find info on this all over the place here and there.

Here is a large image of the guitar harmonics

2 - Work with open tunings, they add a full sound and an easy place to story doing simple tapping and movements.

I love the lower open turnings. Start with open G or D and try improving.

3 - Really work on some rhythm. From what I have learned this can be the hardest part. Take a look at Andy McKee Drifting. Try doing simple 4/4 counts, and playing a simple song that you know and add some percussion.

4 - Get into a grove. Let your body get into the movement of rhythm, and just improve to get ideas for songs.

These really helped me and I hope it helps you.
14 Dec 2010 06:38 | Quote
Joined: 26 Jul 2010
I like all of your advices..thanks guys,for giving me some other guitar players like that..I gladly appreciate it,gonna check it out..
yes, JustJeff, glad to hear that from you..send me other guitarists so I can hear some other styles.

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