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Quick theory help please!

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28 Oct 2010 08:32 | Quote
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I have been doing some aural training on http://www.justinguitar.com/en/AU-104-AuralTraining-Stage4.php
Now these intervals confused the *** out of me.
All the minor scales I know have a Root note then skip one fret and then get the minor second, but here you get the root note and the following fret is the minor second. . . If I look at example on this site's melodic minor scales patterns you get a rootnote then skip a note and then get the minor second?

For example (R)(c#)(D)
28 Oct 2010 12:22 | Quote
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I dont get you question? What is the root in this example?
28 Oct 2010 13:05 | Quote
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A minor 2nd will always be only 1 half step
A major 2nd will always be two half steps (1 full step)
30 Oct 2010 01:38 | Quote
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a minor second is half a step up from the root if you go up a whole step its a major second
30 Oct 2010 01:40 | Quote
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it seems i was beat to the answer

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