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new lyrics

10 Jun 2010 03:06 | Quote
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So heres some new lyrics ive been workin on for the last hour or 2. it has kinda a jazzy/bluesy/Tomwaitsy feel to it. the progression is Em, Gaug, Cmaj7,B. so that can kinda give you a taste of what its like.

"i asked the wren
how to make my life brighten
he told me 'son, im just a bird
tryin to make it through the world.
[spoken]go and bug somebody else for awhile[/spoken]'

so i asked the hippopotamus
how to get out of this Sarcophagus
he said 'get your head out of the circus, boy. Dont you ever quit?
[spoken]do i look like someone you wanna annoy?[/spoken]'

So i asked the king of the jungle
what to do with this obstacle
he looked rather doubtful and said
'you'll never make it through the world.
[spoken]if i were you i'd just forfeit.[/spoken]'

so i asked the worm
questions that made me squirm
he said 'dont listen to those fella's,
just go for the gold'

I asked a cockroach
a strange place for a coach
he said 'I get stepped on all the time,
you gotta learn to not mind'

so I asked a little bunny
how to make things all better
he said 'you cant make it better,
you can just make it a better place to be'

Now i dont need a psychiatrist
I just need to be an optimist
and try to make this world a better place to be
a better place to be"
10 Jun 2010 03:36 | Quote
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Pretty cool dude. Seemed kind of like something Dr. Suess would write if he wrote songs, with the message and such. Well, up until the very last verse. I'd say because little kids most likely don't know what psychiatrists or optimists are, but yeah.

I like it man. (:
10 Jun 2010 14:54 | Quote
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haha thanks. Dr. Suess says alot of things that kids dont understand. like what the heck is a, and i quote, "floob-boober-bab-boober-bub"??
10 Jun 2010 18:04 | Quote
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those are great ***ing lyrics man! i dig that alot.
10 Jun 2010 18:21 | Quote
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10 Jun 2010 18:30 | Quote
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haha Thats real nice! (: put me in a better mood today.

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