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Dm6 and Bm7b5?

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So Bm7b5 is the same as Dm6? If it is the same than why wright it differently? Is this purely down to context, preference, or what?

Jazzy chords i can play them but will i ever really understand them?
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Okay, I am just starting to get this myself, so bear with me! But when you make a chord, you use a triad or three notes so lets take Bm7b5 To make a regular B chord you take the root, the third, and fifth note of the "scale" so when they say you do the seventh, you need to take the seventh of the B minor scale. When it has 6, that just means the 6th note in the scale, so the Bm7b5 has the same notes as Dm6 which is why it says that. Sometimes, in paranthesis you will need to state whether or not the fifth or seventh of ninth etc is played, like this D6add9(no 5th).

That is just in CONTEXT what it is, im sure someone like JustJeff or Jazzy can tell you the exact notes and details, like I said im still getting to know the patterns better! Hope it helps!


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