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Figuring out G7C

Music Theory
5 Mar 2010 21:23 | Quote
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Hi all,

G7C: how do you form it? I assume you make a G7 chord and have the C as the base - in which case, do you still play the base G?

Can someone please write it out it tab form, please?

I really appreciate it.

6 Mar 2010 00:19 | Quote
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I assume you mean G7/C. Let's take our G7, which I can only thing of in its 3rd inversion form:


Add the C in the bass, you get:


Try that. See how it works.
7 Mar 2010 14:51 | Quote
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You could play it x30001 as well, if you want an open chord.
9 Mar 2010 00:23 | Quote
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You guys are champs!

I get it, so you replace the original bass note (G) with the C. I thought perhaps you add it on top of the bass note.

I'll try both out and see what fits best.

Forums are ***en rad!! Thanks for your help.

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