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I want to be a solo artist

19 Feb 2010 06:34 | Quote
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ok ive been a musician for about 7 years, ive got a enough songs for at least an album but i dont know how to get a signed to a record.. any suggestions?
19 Feb 2010 10:54 | Quote
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Play at clubs.
Play at open mics
Play at contests
Play on the street
Play (insert place here)

PUBLICLY is the key. Be heard. Then record it and send it off to a label... or know someone who has connections to a label.

NETWORKING is essential.
19 Feb 2010 12:52 | Quote
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What he said !! +

Ya do NOT want a record deal, trust me. a d.i.y. cd works best (has for a few of mine) ... the KEY = DISTRIBUTION .. Find (or win over) a small Indie label with a LARGE net (IE: will sell your stuff in Germany AND promote it ...Hence "big net")
Thing w/ labels (especially the last 10 years or so) is that they are becoming even more controlling than ever
another BIG key to the whole Biz = A Label that IS WILLING to pay for your recording and promotion etc is really acting as a BANK (seriously) it wont 'feel' like it but every dime you spend on you that THEY "give" is a loan that must be paid back.
its nasty , i know.

Again to echo JustJeff : "NETWORKING is essential" (and why lol I leave it to my PR guy)

A good thing now is to have (i'll use ME as example YOU may be different, but the 'formula-idea' is the same, Dig?)
(after Publishing all songs etc via BMI (or ASCAP)i usually have 10,000 or less so physical discs made , cause folks are so into downloading mp3's these days..
the 'physicals' are put in the hands (this is what a GOOD promoter/PR-guy is for) of radio stations that "play that type music" and club/venue owners , festival-guys and the like and a few hit the Label (for me Lynn Point Records, Ampient records, Sorry State, etc...It doesn't matter) for sale through online outlets such as Amazon
But the most important things =
Playing as many shows as humanly possible
IN as many states as humanly possible
Creating a 'brand' for yourself (mine = “Biker in Black” (worked for 0last 30 years... something that will last and make you "recognizable" INSTANTLY
Repeat all

Hope that helps .. it mean out there these days, kick some arse!!


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ok so i need money then huh? well i dont have a job, thats why ive wanted to get signed. so if its not a good idea i guess im stuck being unheard.. which by the way i live in michigan and i dont have a high school diploma or aa ged so i have no idea what to do...
19 Feb 2010 19:26 | Quote
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you got the gear right? Jeff has a good idea with the open mic thing, then if youre good word will get around, eventually you will be getting gigs where some money might come in. then its all uphill from there
9 Mar 2010 23:01 | Quote
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Myspace,You Tube,Facebook etc...let the people come to you. Its quicker,easier and cheaper. You should probably get some popularity first. Investors want hard proof before they purchase. Remember, your competing against 125,000 other bands and artists.
10 Mar 2010 00:00 | Quote
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Man you just have to do it, ive been playing for 3 and a half years and I already did around 80 gigs in less than a year. Just take your little amp and go busk it out on a busy corner and never care what the people think. I started out with a small amp and bought a very good sound system and guitar after all these gigs.
Now I have quit my fulltime job and doing this for a living.
Its just how you market yourself and what audience you target and be original!!! (thats the main part)
10 Mar 2010 04:53 | Quote
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All of these are exactly right!!! What else is there to say?

Well, first off when an indie label (because major labels are sellout bankers like stated) finds you, thier first thoughts are: Solo artist? And what does he have others don't?

It is hard for a band to make it, and even harder for a SOLO ARTIST to make it! I know for a fact!!! I started out doing solo stuff for the first 5 years give or take...The 4 past years I have been playing in all sorts of bands, sit ins, and awesome studios!!! All paid for!!! So, if at all possible, try to get a band that suites you! I know that is easier said than done, because you have a specific taste; I couldn't find the right band I wanted because most of them were doing hardcore and metal. But I wanted modal jazz, progressive jazz stuff...so I networked elswhere (NETWORK EVERYONE!!! ANYONE!!! Even if they seem like a regular person, you need them to for an audience and fan) looked at some wedding gigs and got some steady paychecks.

So here are my tips as a solo artist and to become known fast:
1. Know your genre, and your name and make it exactly that...yours!!! People are starting to like innovation.
2. Network anyone, everywhere, even if it isn't your genre or type of place you want to be; more than likely those places give you experience and can lead to rewarding outcomes!
3. With owners, other artists/bands, fans, friends at bars/clubs/etc. buy them drinks! Who doesn't like a free drink from someone (great way of making friends)? So invest in your fans/guitar playing/venues.
4. My cousin Adam from Seattle is a big time promoter for SikLeave industries, and the trip hop/hip hop scene up there. He told me when I started out, that when you begin networking and knowing more and more people, always remember them and show them you still acknowledge them and want them as your promoter/fan/general friend!
5. Being a solo artist is very tough, to get some paychecks look into sit ins, then when you become more known, you will have sit ins for you!!!
6. And my best advice...Keep at it...it takes lots of years of practice, and social skills. Eventually you will get there!

GOOD LUCK!!! Don't be discouraged, it is just like learning guitar; time, patience, and a little luck!

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