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How to use a floyd rose

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2 Jan 2010 19:40 | Quote
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As im staring at my guitar, The floyd rose on the guitar to be exact...I thought "How do i use this?" And, Im sure it would be a nice thing to have, My guitar is an RG5EX1L (The L being for lefty) And the question is

What do the knobs on the back do?

What do the knobs where the strings stick out do?

How do i replace a string? Is it like a normal tremolo?

I mean, I've loved how it sounded compared to my les paul bridge...Tone wise

Thanks -M&M
2 Jan 2010 21:14 | Quote
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Knobs on back = fine tuners
Behind string: Holds them, below string: Not sure, but all bridges have a type of this system. (3 back, 3 front)
To replace string, loosen knob behing string, stick ball end in (minus the ball? havent had to yet) tighten. If bridge is "off", you can fix on back (the springs)

Lol, i had a les paul before my RG5EX1L too
3 Jan 2010 11:50 | Quote
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you probably need to cut the ball end off, unless it was designed to house that as well(still probably not).

also, just go one string at a time, if it is floating and you take all of them off it is the biggest pain to do.

I shun Floyd's because of the intonation since changing strings isn't bad, but setting them up is the biggest problem that I have.
3 Jan 2010 13:15 | Quote
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This should explain most if not everything about it
3 Jan 2010 15:41 | Quote
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To restring a Floyd. Losin the first 2 locking nuts(E.A) replace those 2 strings.tune then tightin. And so on, you don't take all the the strings off and replace them as you would with a normal bridge. If you do it like the way I said using the same gauge strings, their will be no problems. say you go from 9's 2 8's.. whole diffrent situation, then you have to adjust your height( 2 hex nuts on the base of the bridge) and also the springs in the guitar( floating brige) Because of the thickness and the action change.....If I can help PM me....
9 Mar 2010 02:36 | Quote
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You may need to adjust your bridge by tightening or losening the springs in the back of the guitar. usually the guitars come with an extra spring that you use for higher guaged strings.
9 Mar 2010 04:55 | Quote
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@espltd 18201

Most retarded thing on Ibanez's part, You cant add a 4th spring. Theres only 3 slots. I took a screw out of the spring lock and used that. NOT a good idea, BUT, it has lasted so far... One day the bridge is gonna *pop* out of nowhere

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