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Changing tremolo systems

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29 Dec 2009 16:35 | Quote
Joined: 02 Jun 2008
So I recently got a new Ibanez (It's a GRG170DX). It's a pretty good guitar, but it does go out of alot when I use the tremolo bar. I want to upgrade it to one that atleast has a locking nut. I have been thinking of swaping it with a floyd rose. Can I buy a tremolo system in stores? Or should I just try getting one off ebay?
1 Jan 2010 12:16 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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The only GRG's I've seen are fixed bridge (no trem). Having said that, you might well be better off looking at an Ibanez trem. They've got quite a good rep. for staying in tune and would probably work out cheaper than a Floyd.
1 Jan 2010 12:18 | Quote
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United States
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The RG series are pretty good. I only had to tune once so far.

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