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Black and Blue(original acoustic song)

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19 Dec 2009 00:45 | Quote
Joined: 14 Jun 2009
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So my brother recorded this song the other day. It's a duet with my mom and brother singing together. I enjoyed it, so though maybe I would get it out there for other people to listen to it. I particularly like the bridge in the song, very catchy.


btw it was pretty rough when he recorded it, he wrote it the night before. I still think it sounds pretty good though.
19 Dec 2009 02:12 | Quote
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Cheers! Pretty cool easy listening stuff. Somehow I wished drums or other percussive stuff in background... Those pauses in rhythm was good (not many uses them), but still It left me little out of the flow if you know what I mean, but anyway very nice stuff, definately dig that one. Falsetto is very hard, but I think you dudes did that nicely.

19 Dec 2009 02:31 | Quote
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Not to much into the pop-punk stuff, but your brother did a very good job. Simple, yet tasteful. I like it.
19 Dec 2009 08:09 | Quote
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i see a future extraordinarily talented young man, singing with force and playing with confidence. nice harmonies as well.
easily the best acoustic (vocal)-song Ive seen on this so thus far
(a bit loong, but thats just me)

19 Dec 2009 12:14 | Quote
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i liked it, he has a nice voice and his chord changes are smooth
21 Dec 2009 13:44 | Quote
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Hey cool song guys! Ever heard of New Found Glory? It reminded me of them a little. I like it! I like the shower background, lol.

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