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3 Jun 2009 12:12 | Quote
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does anyone have some fun speed drills that arent just going up and down scales? i havnt worked on my speed in a long time
3 Jun 2009 22:30 | Quote
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Have You tried speed picking or tremolo. Since I tried tremolo I hardly ever solo without it. Maybe I'll post a video on the subject.
4 Jun 2009 00:59 | Quote
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Check out my finger workouts lesson. The best thing to do is just play man. That's the great thing about guitar, no matter what you're playing you always improve!
6 Jun 2009 14:12 | Quote
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I always play stuff from "the Fall of Troy" they got some cool speedy licks with weird fingerings, but thats just my part. I just use the riffs and use a metronome to change speeds!

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