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im starting my own metal band,/N E pointers,tips,etc?

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4 May 2009 22:24 | Quote
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I dont quite know what sound we are but it kinda sounds lyk killswitch engage,with lamb of god and as blood runs black with heavy ass breakdowns and im working on solos were recording a pre-demo type thing(will post later)but any tips
4 May 2009 22:28 | Quote
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grow your hair and dont sell out xD
4 May 2009 23:07 | Quote
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turn the volume all the way up and get a have the drummer get a monsterously large drum kit that takes up half the stage.

But seriously, Find out where every member wants to go with the band and exactly what it is you want to play. Just remember that your suposed to have fun with this if it starts to become more like a chore than fun sit down with your bandmates and talk things over to make sure your still going in the right direction.
4 May 2009 23:26 | Quote
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BodomBeachTerror says:
Copy and Paste quote here!

How about not selling out by not growing out your hair?
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5 May 2009 00:26 | Quote
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Find solid small gigs at bars and clubs at first, you don't want to bite off more than you chew. Practice with your band every chance you get. Work hard, play hard then party hard; in that order. Good luck!
1 Jun 2009 11:54 | Quote
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Practice hard, dont have to much on your plate at once, focus on gettin each song tight by itself.
Work out a fair way for everyone in the band to have a say, and before every practice decide what you want done by the end of it.
10 Mar 2010 20:47 | Quote
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Play stuff that you yourself can sit down and enjoy. Sounds kind of vein, but if you like it, someone else has to.

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