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some questions

11 Mar 2009 00:06 | Quote
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are there any good techniques to learn the mode names, like dorian, phrygian? like i know all the modes but i never can remember what names they have. is there any thing to help me remember?
i was thinking about something like how i learned all the notes on a bass cleft.

i had another question but i cant remember it right now
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Here's kinda one for a major key:

Ionian Dorian Phrygian Lydian Mixolydian Aeolian Locrian

I Dont Paint Like Michael Angelo Ladies

Wasn't sure what else to put for Locrian...
11 Mar 2009 12:47 | Quote
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Well, the notes on a bass cleff are (from the lines; bottom up): G, B, D, F, A.

It's extremely important you learn it early on, because if you remember it wrong it'll take forever to remember it the propper way.

As for the modes, I wouldn't know of a short way, I've just learnt them the way they were. If anything, you should just keep testing yourself on it daily. If you're serious about it, that is. So like you would with a spelling test, hide the word, spell it/say it, then look and see if you're right. Keep doing it until you know it.
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on the spaces theyre ACEGB.
ok ill try that jazzy

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