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7 String Tuning For Scales

16 Jan 2009 08:51 | Quote
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Wouldn't be that hard to implement would it? It would be the same as adding a second B on the bottom and making the neck a bit thicker.
16 Jan 2009 16:13 | Quote
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Well usually when you have 7 string guitars it'll be B E A D G B E , so there will be a lower note than the E.

If you're actually talking about making a guitar that's already been made into a 6 string, I'd say good luck to you but I would hold no hopes. If you want to justify the sound I'd just make a while new one. Or buy it for minimum of 1000. D:

16 Jan 2009 16:23 | Quote
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@jazz-he is talking about the web site what are you talking about???

@je2012- can't you just do it in your head i don't see how it's hard theirs already a open b on the guitar (not try to be snobbish)

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