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18 Sep 2006 19:01 | Quote
United States
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anyone knows acoustic instrumental songs or bands.. u know.. like michael hedges stuff. or like those music you heard when u enter a bookstore.. lol.. i believe it's somewhat like a jazz.. or whatever.. but i do want to listen to those kind of music. very relaxing. if u know somthing like it.. share it with me.. ciao!
20 Sep 2006 18:03 | Quote
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Check out Don Ross he is really really good.
20 Sep 2006 20:31 | Quote
United States
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I dunno if this is you're style: I have two reccomendations. First is from the band Ulver, they are a heavy metal band but then later on progressed into electronica. In the middle of this progression they released an amazing instrumental/acoustic album. It's very beautiful i'm ure you will enjoy it. It's called Kveldssanger. Very good stuff. Nothing TOO extream as far as technicality but it's worth listening to. For a second reccomendation I say Deadboy and the Elephant men. You may not like it much but it's a very acoustic band. I don't know your taste so you may enjoy these reccomendations. Hope so!
21 Sep 2006 01:53 | Quote
United Kingdom
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james taylor

hes good
21 Sep 2006 09:44 | Quote
United Kingdom
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John martyn, Bert jansch, David graham,

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