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tab on house of the rising sun

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10 Sep 2006 00:25 | Quote
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If i understand it right the tab for this song must be the picking pattern, right?
because the tabs for the same cord is not allways the same. Sorry for being so dince
10 Sep 2006 21:33 | Quote
Posts: 14
no, for the version by Eric Burden and the Animals is generaly a racking pattern. you strumb down slowly with a pick then pluck three notes up. The Chords for it are

Em,G,A,C Em,G,B7,B7 Em,G,A,C Em,B7Em,B7 for the first verse

then it leads into the chorus by these chords Em,E7
proceeds to chorus.

the chorus is : Am,C,D,F Am,C,E7,E7 Am,C,D,F Am,E7,Am,E7

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