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7 Sep 2006 13:58 | Quote
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can someone explain everything they know about keys please.I would like to know how to play in different keys what chords go with which keys and so on.thanks
7 Sep 2006 14:50 | Quote
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This site is a great resource for that. If you see where it says "chord progressions" at the top, you can pick your key and type of chord progression. For beginners, I would suggest major. Every chords you see up there is harmoized with the scale of that root chord.

Then, it would be easiest to open the site again in another window or tab and go to the "guitar scales" link at the top. Pick the major scale of what ever chord progression you are using. For instance, if you picked a C major chord progression, pick a C major scale. Every note that is in the scale is actually in that progression, so you can use that scale to compose a melody that fits nicely over any of those chords. Many melodies begin with the note that is the root note of that chord.

So lets say you picked a C major chord progression again. A good progression to pick out of there might be IV,I,V, iv. This would be F, C, G, Am. Notice these chords correspond to the roman numerals in the C Major chord progression. You could easily make a melody for this by starting on a F note and picking notes out of the C major scale, and then start on C for the C, and so on and so forth. Just use your imagination. I hope I've clarified some things for you.
7 Sep 2006 16:32 | Quote
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that's what i like most about this site , the chord progressions , never found it all together elsewhere
7 Sep 2006 23:59 | Quote
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i like all the different scales in all the different positions

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