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12 string electro-acoustic advice

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31 Aug 2006 17:02 | Quote
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I'm a pretty well accomplished electric player and I also do a fair bit of acoustic. I generally play lots of rock, blues, metal and some jazz, and occasionally a bit of classical and basic flamenco. I now want something a bit different and have decided to get a 12 string electro acoustic. Any recommendations, advice or good places to look? My budget is probably 450 max (I'm based in UK). Oh, and I already know a fair bit about guitars, so don't feel obliged to 'dumb-down' anything! Thanks loads guys.
31 Aug 2006 20:59 | Quote
Joined: way back
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im not sure if they go across seas, but musiciansfriend.com may deliver to ya.

but a friend of mine whos here has been to europe and he said just catch a train to london.. they have a good music scene i guess.

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