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I have a question!!! ANSWER QUICK

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10 Sep 2008 18:24 | Quote
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Which types of humbucker pickups are better? The ones with only one of those 6 magnets i think on the top of the pickup, that are usualy metallic , or the ones like on a fender fat strat, that have 12 magnets side by side and i think comes in white or black?

I want something that sounds cool, sorta like a gibson les paul
10 Sep 2008 18:56 | Quote
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humbuckers, doubles, not single coils, singles give the best rythm, but sucky treble, humbuckers give gr8 treble but sucky rythm, acctaully matters what u like/what u play, try both.
10 Sep 2008 19:17 | Quote
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^ He didn't ask about 'Buckers vs. Singles...

Musical_magic, I think that they are actually the same thing, but the silver things on top is just a cover to make it look cooler. They should sound more or less the same though (some people do say that the covered pickup changes tone, others don't). Unless you mean a P-90, which is kind of in between a humbucker and single coil.

Covered Humbucker:

Uncovered humbucker:


10 Sep 2008 19:43 | Quote
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and then there is active pickups.. not sure of the difference tho lol
10 Sep 2008 20:12 | Quote
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there is no way to tell which is better. the construction style in no way indicates quality.
10 Sep 2008 21:24 | Quote
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P90's are humbuckers? I always thought they were single coil just at a wider base.

arnt' there several different breeds like mini humbuckers, alanco, ceramic, over wound etc.

this is my fav parts site


I'm looking for some replacement parts for my dot and others.
11 Sep 2008 13:44 | Quote
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Tele, you're right - P90s are single coils, but the reason they are so much bigger than standard singles is because te magnets in them are far less powerful so they require more turns of wire (a lot more) which takes up more space inside the casing.

11 Sep 2008 14:47 | Quote
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active p-ups use an out side power source( 9v battery)and electro magnets

passive are permanent magnets and dont require outside power

actives are a lot stronger and responsive
11 Sep 2008 16:13 | Quote
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it really depends on the type of guitar and music you play.
any chambered or semi/full hollow body will never actually sound like
a les paul. if your guitar is solid and heavy(mahogany), almost any
humbuckers will make it sound les paul-ish. my favorite humbuckers
are,seymour duncan SH-6 distortion at the bridge and SH-1'59 at
the neck. if you do buy something go with a major brand not second
hand junk.

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