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String Stretching

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1 Aug 2008 17:04 | Quote
Joined: 09 Jul 2008
Many years ago I used to break a lot of strings. During my busking years when I was playing 6-8 hours a day I would break strings. Because the replacements had to be used right away I would stretch them by hand. I noticed that the strings I stretched by hand would not break. So for years now I always stretch them out when I replace 'em. I never read about this anywhere and was wondering if any of you guys did the same thing.
1 Aug 2008 17:57 | Quote
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I tune my guitar up half a step and leave it over night.
1 Aug 2008 19:30 | Quote
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I always stretch my strings out when I put on new ones.
1 Aug 2008 20:10 | Quote
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I put them on, tune it, put my finger near the nut and pull the string pretty hard with my other hand. Do that to all of the strings, along with some spirited strumming and retune. Usually works out quite well and I almost never break strings (only my jackass friends who think they have to wallop the high E string).
1 Aug 2008 20:28 | Quote
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i've watched my friend who owns the local shop tune the guitar
and then do a double handed string stretch by pushing his thumbs
on the fretboard and pulling very hard. then retune,do it again
and then a final retune. breakage is usually caused by aggressive
playing and bending.

you could probably use some big bends nut sauce. also helps
you stay in tune much longer.

3 Aug 2008 04:15 | Quote
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I always break my high e by putting way too much pull on it, also, sorry about not posting frequently lately, I've been having a busy time
3 Aug 2008 06:23 | Quote
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I do the same as les_paul. Tune them up and leave them overnight. I also strum open chords a lot when I get new strings.
3 Aug 2008 10:32 | Quote
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I'll tuen the guitar normal, lay the guitar on my lap and pick up the guitar by each string. Be careful with heavy guitars but when I tuen up again it's usually good.
3 Aug 2008 14:15 | Quote
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telecrater says:
I'll tuen the guitar normal, lay the guitar on my lap and pick up the guitar by each string.

i exactly the same with my ibanez but with others i tune to drop c and stick my fist under fret 7, that seems to do the job
22 Jan 2009 05:03 | Quote
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I just put my thumb underneath them push up and then retune
doesn't work very well though
22 Jan 2009 10:23 | Quote
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I've been tuning new strings half a step up and leaving them overnight for quite some years and it works well (it's also a very gentle way to do it).
The only time my strings go drastically out of tune is after I've transported my guitar to someone else's home to jam for instance. Makes me think the ambient temperature in a room might have some bearing on a guitars tuning.
22 Jan 2009 10:31 | Quote
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Personally I tune my guitars up a whole step so its..F maybe F# on the E strings, that way I can play them if I need to over night as they tend to slip in equal measures.
If I'm transporting anything I tend to take it out of my room the night before and retune it there, mostly because my room is the hottest in the house and it seems to make the changes less..noticable.

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