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Guitar with built in amp

Instruments and Gear
28 May 2008 20:45 | Quote
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ive seen these travel electric guitars with a built in amp, and about 3/4 size, i was wondering if anyone here has one or played one. how well do they play? i might buy one so i can shred 24/7 wherever i am =p
28 May 2008 20:47 | Quote
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I'd avoid them, I'm going to bet that the quality of both the guitar and built in amp are sub standard and probably extremely thin sounding.
29 May 2008 14:47 | Quote
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Yeah Doz, I think it would mainly be the amp because it is built into a guitar... I would just take a real guitar, and buy one of those super small pocket amps. Like they're small and you can clip them to your belt. I think that would be a better idea. But not nearly as good as a normal amp.
29 May 2008 15:01 | Quote
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but very good if u consider the size.. some can sound much louder than youd expect by only seeing them

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