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Profile: Zete

Posts: 14
Name: Zete
Surname: Tresor
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Country: Latvia
City: Riga
Profile views: 3317
Posts: 14

Instruments Played:

Violin, Piano, Harmonica, guitar

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

folk, rock, sparkle of metal..


Broke my first violin when 3 years old. at 4 -5 years 'disassembled' a guitar and a harmonica, soon after those two an end came to grandfathers mandolin. They predicted a musician carrier for me.

At age of 8 or 9 mother took me to music school where i failed the examination as total musical catastrophe. In a week or two I already had my own private piano teacher. When I was 10 they decided that it is time to fulfill grandpas dream of me playing violin. As I was to old (and totally unmusical as they said) mom didn't bother to try to get me in the music school again, and as I was released from the pain called piano, I got my second private music teacher - violin this time. It was kinda cool period of my life that lasted for almost 3 years while often switching our neighbors.

I really do not remember how exactly i quit the violin, but I remember the reason why i started to dislike how I sound. Once when I went to a violin lesson, my teacher gave me another violin, when i came home, i realized that I suck. Instead of asking my parents to buy me a new instrument I quit until I'd have enough money to buy it.

A years passed and the dream of violin faded as another interests appeared. Then once a friend sent me a Stephen Lynch "Superhero". That was love from the first.. err.. song, I guess. So I can tell that this singing comedian inspired me to learn play guitar. Only after that i started to hear the instrument in other songs of other artists.

Now I'm 21. I'm not a famous violin player as my grandfather wanted. I'm an IT staff in a large company, but I still can stress others out by a gentle touch of violin sounds and i don't get confused when I see a piano. I have always my harmonica with me and despite my traumatic music school experience I know I am a bit gifted..

Yea.. and I promised that i'd write a song to one seller on eBay.

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