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United Kingdom
Posts: 2
Name: jon
Surname: mcinally
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Country: United Kingdom
City: Glasgow
Experience (years): a
Profile views: 3983
Posts: 2

Instruments Played:

Guitar, occasional harmonica ( altho i aint to hot on the harmonica altho if im being modist i aint that grate at the guitar ether :D) and used to fart arownd with a penny flute when i got had one a while back. Grate fun hehe

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

Alsorts really although i tend to listen to mostly blues at the moment. I happen to enjoy listening to lead guitar solo's, improvisation, and anything else guitary :) ( Added thought: 12 bar anything is good... stevie ray vaughan is good/god?.. Clapton.. jimmy page anyone? Must i say more?


Im mostly a self learnt kinda guy, picked me guitar up a few year's back when i branched out on into me own flat. Thing's and time's have moved on since then ( my listen meterial at that perticuler time was mettallica, pink floyd, doors, a little of linkin park, guns and rose's, hendrix... a few other's i cant actully think of but may well fill in later if i remmber anything tasty.)

After countless things happening inbetween then and now. I finnally started to buy in a few books, up untill then i didnt know a single song apart from house of the riseing sun and that at best was squeeky. Nowaday's i tend to fart arownd with scales and trying my best to keep in time with any music i happen to be listening to.

Just found this site while surfing arownd looking for blue's stuff and a few diffrent scales cracking find, to be fair is seems to be a small gold mine of info and intresting subjects. I guess i'll stick arownd and have a snoop arownd :D



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