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Hey I just came to this site for the first time today
and WOW. This is the greatest site ever for me to learn new stuff

BUT! i want to know your suggestions

Im writing a song, which the chords start off like this
C (8th-10 fret) Em (7th-9th fret) Am (5th-7th fret) F (high F 1st-3rd fret 1/2 time) Em (low Em 1-3 fret 1/2 time) then repeats

its sounds really happy considering its played that way strumming and the high pitch chords. If I were to do a improv in it, which Mode would you consider to be a HAPPY! to go along.
12 Mar 2008 20:41 | Quote
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its hard for me to say. im not sure how your strumming it, but the chords sound kind of sad to me. it has a lot of minor chords in it, and it gives it that sad sound. i think it sounds kind of like a sad song with a happy ending. i tried giving the C Major a try, and A minor, and then trying C and in different modes. I would also give E phrygian a try, as thats a prominent chord in your progression, and E phrygian is in the C major scale. good luck, to me it may not seem happy, but at least it sounds pretty.

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