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19 Feb 2008 14:03 | Quote
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I understand a little bit about chord construction and scales...i have a keyboard and i'm learning how to play it also. I'm guessing that I can find a particular chord that i play on the guitar and play the corresponding chord on the keyboard. I'll take redemption song by bob marley which used the chords G, Em7, C, G/B, Am, D...I am thinking since the chords are, and i don't know the exact terminology so excuse me, on the lower frets of my guitar that would that i would play these notes on the left side of my keyboard.
-Am I correct in thinking this?
-Would I need to play the open notes also?

Thanks Rob
19 Feb 2008 16:26 | Quote
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Very good question dude..I have allways had that problem cause for me its not logical..but I do play keys and I also play guitar but putting them together is a real struggle I just find the note(sound) on the keys but I allways have to tape the guitar first..dont know why its just the way I am.
1 Mar 2008 14:02 | Quote
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no, not exactly. it's kind of relative to the level of the pitch.

the left hand of the keyboard are bass notes. the guitar goes down to the E below middle C on a keyboard.

i mean, it all depends what you want to do with the keyboard. if your looking to do an all piano version, and play the vocals with your right hand, then you would use your left hand for the chords. however, if your looking to just supplement the piano to your voice, you would probably play the chords with your left hand on the bass notes, and use your right hand to play the arpeggios in harmony, or stuff like that.

its really all dependent on what you want to do. you could play the same chords at the very top of the keyboard.
4 Mar 2008 21:45 | Quote
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oh thanx. That actually helps me a lot

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