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Godin guitars are amazing !

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30 Dec 2007 13:33 | Quote
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Last night I was about to start recording when I had to check something, My guitar was strapped on me (in front of me not behind) and I was not holding it, and the strap (it is a really cheap leather ended strap) came off and the guitar a flyin' down. My Godin Exit 22 ($581.00 CDN, R-T-B) landed strings down, after falling from about 3 or 4 feet. It remained unharmed. Not one new dent or scratch. Not even the sound was messed up, unless you count the 5th and 6th strings being slightly knocked out of tune.

I freaked. I picked it up and was scared it was gonna be all messed up but it was only the last 2 strings messed up. I was lucky.

But these are awesome guitars and they are so durable. They also sound really really nice and very versatile. Not so much for punk like The Ramones, but the Misfits I can get a sound like.

I recommend that if you are looking for a good guitar then pick up one of these Exit 22's, great for metal, and anything except most punk but they have more of a Jazzy look. Either way, amazing guitar. Durable, nice, comfortable, great sounding, what more could you want ?

(Sorry for the long post, just thought I should inform you guys about how awesome these guitars are, and my bad incident..)

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