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No Cookie-Cutter Pedals; Need Not Apply

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7 Jan 2017 19:55 | Quote
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Is it me or does it seem like the big, non-conforming to a pedal-board, old-school pedals are, most of the time, the best? I can only think of a few effects/pedals like compression (MXR Dyna Comp), tuner (Boss Chromatic) and the Ibanez TS-808 that sound great in a small chassis. Here comes the barrage of more pedal, than less take upeth of room do-dads. The wah-wah (Dunlop or Vox), Fuzz-Face (Dunlop), Roger Mayer Octavia, Big Muff (EH), Chorus Ensemble duo with Vibrato (Boss CE-1), volume (EB. Dunlop or Morley) and flanger (A/DA). Reverb, tremelo and vibrato are excluded because they are on board effects in the amp. With delay the Echoplex, which is not a pedal, is fairly large. The Roland Space Echo (RE-201) again not a pedal. The MXR M-129 Pitch Transposer is a rack effect unit. Oh, I forgot about the Janglebox Compressor/Booster duh! How about the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster! The B.K. Butler Tubedriver! Let's see, the Digitech Wammy is not small either! The new Boss SY-300 Synth is not normal pedal size as well! Dunlop's Uni-Vibe is just a little bit bigger than a standard pedal! Now you know exactly how I feel about most of the mini/micro pedals that are out there, huh!?

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