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Needing songwriting tips!

31 Dec 2012 21:19 | Quote
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Iv'e written 2 songs, but It's hard for me to put lyrics to the melody's I make, I can't make lyrics and make a melody around that, it's always the other way around, melody then lyrics.
16 Jan 2013 15:16 | Quote
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Maybe you need to make your melodies more simple or your lyircs more imaginative. Remember words can be broken down to form sy.lla.bles which corresponds to a musical note. Good luck!
16 Jan 2013 15:57 | Quote
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I've also tried a hand at creating a song and I can say that it's a challenge! It's a double edged sword with me, whether it's too simple or it's too complicated for lyrics.
10 Sep 2014 14:35 | Quote
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Try humming the melody and gradually incorporate random words and sentences into the thing. I find that when I have a melody or a chord progression, just singing gibberish may put you on to something. It usually sounds really silly, but when I stumble onto one line that fits perfectly with the melody (mood, syllables etc.) I can sort of just write down the continuation of that first line.

I also happen to think the first line is the most important in the whole song, and that it needs to fit effortlessly with the melody and get the listeners attention. Therefore, I make it so that the first line I put on paper is the first thing I sang that fit the song and communicated something.

Hope I made some sense, and good luck with the tunes!

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