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a strange idea

19 Dec 2012 22:57 | Quote
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I was having one of my awesome insomnia moments last night and I started thinking a lot about music theory and I came up with a way to kind of change up standard chord progressions (ie I-IV-V) that I thought you guys might be interested in.

now this may not be a new idea but I think it is worth sharing non the less.

for each chord in a key there is a mode that fits well over it.
I= ionian
so I thought about taking ether the 3rd and 5th out of each standard triad in one key and replacing it with the notes in the mode that define the modes sound (ie the #4 in the lydian mode with the 5th in a IV chord) to make a more interesting chord but still make it fit the mode and the chord progression.

I have tested it and it sounds pretty good. what do you guys think?

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