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Need Help Figuring What Scale This Is!

29 Oct 2012 15:45 | Quote
Joined: 29 Oct 2012
Hey guys,

I am new to forum, and I have a question (which I hope is an easy one), but i am trying to re-write a song I recorded quite a while ago, and am having trouble relearning the song =\ I am struggling to determine what scale I had used to write this!

Anyways the song is on my reverb nation site (www.reverbnation.com/jeffmeszaros) & the song is called Black Midnight.

Near as I can tell the following notes are present (D,A,F,C,G,Eb) but I am unable to come up with the scale that has all of those notes with the reverse guitar scale tool!

Let me know if you have any ideas why this might be! And also is there no such thing as just a melodic minor scale? why does it seem to be either ascending or descending?

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