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Playing for less then a couple years..

10 Aug 2012 18:21 | Quote
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Just wanted to post a thanks to this forum..... It was part of my learning experience... I have been chugging along and trying my best.... Guitar is not an easy thing starting off at all. But that said it is doable.. at least the camp fire guitar playing is, LOL..... The funny thing is I remember a post... everyone was saying they played for hours on end and at that time I just did not think that was even possible... I was only playing for 30 min tops and my fingers were in trouble.....I now understand... I play as much as possible... and can now see how you can do this all day... It is an addiction... I am still new to this and learning, but I am getting it and want to tell all the very new people starting...... Please keep up with it.... It will grow on you like a bad case of herpes.... Or weeds.. Whatever... Just play and enjoy it......
25 Jan 2013 07:37 | Quote
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its nice .... i am learning ...
2 Feb 2013 08:55 | Quote
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Been one year since I started playing and discovered this website a few months ago. I had been using "Rocksmith" as a learning tool prior to coming here. I've got to tell you that "Rocksmith" I believe was holding me back big time. I started the beginner lessons here and already have noticed my chord changes are getting cleaner.

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